10 Ways to Fashionably Dress for College

Girl College Dress for Winter With Coat and Jacket

Girl College Dress for Winter With Coat and Jacket

Fashionably Dress for College – Moving away to college can be one of the most exciting, exhilarating yet nervous times of your life. Living alone and making a whole new group of friends can be extremely scary but the last thing on your mind should be ‘What shall I wear on my first day?’

We put together a fool proof guide of ten points on what to wear for your time away at college, whatever your shape or size. Dressing for college is about finally giving yourself an identity and clothes can help you express who you want to be. It also gives you a reason to get mum or dad to shop once more with you, after all you are their little baby, leaving for college on your own…

10. Jeans are the staple of any studiers’ wardrobe. They take you from date to night, they can be worn more than once without washing (always a good thing when you live away from home) and look great the older they get. Jeans for guys are better worn loose and lower down the hips, high waists can only be carried off on the catwalk readers! Ripped, stonewashed, bleached or more ‘grungy’ jeans are great for guys that are into that relaxed look, driving to the beach to surf in between studying, whereas pressed, indigo jeans are perfect for that preppy look, especially when teamed with a simply ballet pump for girls.

Outfits Girl College Dress With Jeans and Scarf OOTD

Outfits Girl College Dress With Jeans and Scarf OOTD

9. For fashionably dress for college there is nothing easier that throwing on a t-shirt and running to class when you’ve over slept. Route through your local second hand shops for some genuine vintage tee’s that will make sure you’ll never be dressed as the girl or boy next to you. Logo t-shirts are a great way to get your message across without ever having to say a word, so if you’re a man on mission to find girls then find a tee that says just that and I can guarantee this will get a laugh if nothing else. T-shirts are a great casual way of dressing for class, especially when your freshman new in college, because dressing up in a little top and heels will be noticed a mile away by the more experienced students.

8. Save the heels for night time girls and invest in a pair of chic ballet pumpsfor running from class to class. A pair of beaten converse trainers are great when teamed with boyfriend jeans and a hoodie or even a simple white vest and some jewellery to add a touch of individuality. Flat shoes are so much more practical for college and although heels are glamorous, come mid day your feet will be sore and limping instead of strutting is not a good look.

7.It can sometimes get a little chilly in those large auditoriums so make sure you take a hoodie or cover-up, especially for those early morning lectures when the rooms still cold from the night before. Abercrombie and Fitch have some great American ‘jock’ style cardigans for men pictured below from Abercrombie. These style of cover-ups were all over the catwalk this season with DSquare showcasing a number of designs.

6. Pretty sundresses are ideal for those spring days and are an easy option when there’s not a lot of time to decide what to wear. Dresses can be thrown on and don’t need much thought. Plus a sassy little sundress, with tanned limbs can look super cute to the opposite sex. Team with a headband and cardigan, a la Lauren Conrad from The Hills or with a battered old denim jacket and flip flops a la Whitney Port from The City. Its all about mixing it up which ever way you like, make your own style to make your own mark.

Sundresses Girl College Dress for Spring Summer Casual Fashionably Dress for College

Sundresses Girl College Dress for Spring Summer Casual Fashionably Dress for College

5. Denim shirts for fashionably dress for college were all over the runway this year so what better time to experiment with this trend than at college. For guys why not team a denim shirt with some utility trousers and converse or over a white tee and some chinos for that graduate look. Girls look great when they throw a denim shirt over a vintage tee and a mini. It gives off that rock and roll vibe that many try to emulate at college.

4. Skirts are a great way to update your look by incorporating the latest trend without spending a fortune. Maxi skirts are a great buy right now and are a fab choice for college, especially for comfort and style. The great thing about maxi skirts is that there is no chance of your flippy little skirt blowing up in a gush of wind when running across campus and when you sit on the grass enjoying the sun with friends in between classes.

3. When you want to look a little smarter for a presentation in class or even an interview when summer comes around what better item to invest in but a fitted blazer. This applies to both guys and girls. A blazer over a white vest and skinny jeans can look effortlessly stylish in college, as well as a blazer teamed with jeans and a shirt for the guys. You’ll find a lot of the older students dressing like this when graduation nears.

Colorfull College Backpack Outfits Fashion Trend

Colorfull College Backpack Outfits Fashion Trend

2. Carrying all your books around campus is a pain at the best of times, especially when you have an exam to cram for so getting yourself a big tote bag is ideal. When you dress casually a colorful bag, such as purple or burnt orange, can brighten up any outfit. Try feathers such as Ashley Olsen to the left, or embellishments such as sequins and studs. For guys a sports bag big enough to fit your gym kit alongside your books is a sensible buy.

1.Finally what better style to fashionably dress for college life than this seasons trend for all things ’preppy‘. Mix polo shirts and v-neck jumpers with cut off shorts and pumps, taking inspiration from Blair Wardolf for Gossip Girl. This trend is all about taking preppy items such as a blazer, pin striped shirt and knee high socks and making it look your own. For example roll the sleeves up high on the shirt as well as the blazer and turn your collar up. At college it’s all about stamping your mark on the time you have there.