1973 Vintage Simplicity 6146 – Muslin

Its was a good thing that I did a muslin for this pattern; it required some additions that are pretty common in modern patterns. First thing: the fit through the upper bodice and shoulder is really great, however the side seam are virtually straight and not especially flattering. So two vertical back seams were added and I’ll add raglan shoulder pads. I generally need shoulder pads in dresses due to being naturally mouse shouldered. This muslin fabric is a bed sheet that was intended from some long forgotten home dec project. Another decision was to shelve my first fabric choice and use it for version 2; I just don’t have the right zipper in my stash.

Ann is heading to NYC in November and she’s kindly offered to find one at Pacific Trim. I think a dark brown tape with a antique brass pull would look great. with the brown with pink pinstripe stable knit. I had plenty of stash stuff to use for this version,; a nice heavy stretch polyester, a ring zipper and the contrast facing will add some interest to all that black. Might be a bit much to have zipper teeth exposed, a lapped zipper might look better. Must ponder that. In the photos you can see the diagonal drag line from my left shoulder. The pattern pieces illustrate the required ¼ extra inch. On a non-raglan sleeve I use Nancy Zieman’s pivot method to raise one shoulder. And of course this requires a single layout and careful marking when there is no real right-wrong side to the fabric. Oh and here is a link to the Etsy shop where I found this pattern, owned by the nets funniest sewing blogger Pattern Junkie.