1973 Vintage Simplicity 6146

simplicity cover magazine sewing pattern

Gigi and I share a love for 70’s fashion, for me I just love the exuberance, funkiness and humor of that decade. Dresses and coats are my favorite 70’s looks and I could not resist this style from Pattern Junkie’s Etsy store. The plan is for View 2. There is a zipper down the front and a nice Riri in brown and antique brass would look good I think. I also love the caftan version, in the 70’s just about every dress pattern came in a mini plus maxi version. View 3 in a brocade or wool interlock would be pretty cool – it looks kind of Ralph Rucci to me.

70 fashion trend sewing tutorial

One thing I like about vintage patterns is they are often already cut – hey Marfy gets a premium price for that – and I love the feeling of discovery when I first open the envelope I feel this connection to a sewer from long ago and I always wonder how her version came out and what fabric she used.There are always surprises too; this pattern has separate pattern pieces for sew-in interfacing and there are subtle human drafted details we really don’t see in modern computer drafted patterns: the elbow dart, the gentle curve of the raglan sleeves, a waist marking on the back bodice as well the front, the darts in the facings. The original sewer also cut very pattern piece out with pinking shears(?!) but cut the interfacing with regular scissors. Maybe she did this so she could tell them apart easily. I’ll be using some of Pam’s interfacing so I won’t need those pieces. The fashion fabric is a chocolate brown poly woven with a thin pink pinstripe; I think the raglan sleeves will show that off pretty well.