25 Cent Handbag

For real this handbag cost me $.25 and I love it! I’ve been looking for a basket handbag for the summer and just haven’t seen one that I like until this beauty. I found it at a yard sale. The girls are at dance all day on Saturday and the weather today was glorious so John and I hiked to the top of Great Blue Hill. At the entrance to Blue Hill Reservation is the Trailside Museum, which has a wonderful, and free, zoo of native animals that is always a big hit with families. This weekend they’re having a yard sale to raise money and I spotted a sign that said Baskets 25¢ and how could I go wrong? We came home with three; one tall deep one perfect for harvesting in the garden and weeding, another one for collecting eggs and this handbag. Excuse the styling, although I did at least change out of my hiking boots and into flip flops for some fashion verisimilitude.