6 Best Workout Shoes for Women under $200

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Best workout shoes for women have to be passing through several important criteria. For example, those shoes have to be comfortable to wear. Stylish is also an important criteria because most women also wear it to increase their confidence while workout. Due to those criteria, the list of best workout shoes for women below help you to choose the best one for you. The main purpose is to keep you do the workout maximally.

best workout shoes for women - brooks pureconnect 4

best workout shoes for women – brooks pureconnect 4

Best Workout Shoes for Women for Sandy Terrains

Beach is the most favorite area for outdoor workout especially running. It is better not to wear an ordinary workout shoe because you are about to run around the sandy terrain. One of best workout shoes for women who want to run in sandy area is Brooks PureConnect 4.

The detail of the design is the best part. Let say, this running shoe is supported by 24 oval pods and they are lined around the sole. The purpose of the oval pods is to move your muscles naturally in sand. In fact, it is a little bit hard to run or even walk around the sand.

Without such kind of sole, you have to face some risks including slipped, fall down, and muscles injuries. Besides the oval pods, this shoe also has a band and warps to improve the comfort. The band and wraps are useful to lock your instep and middle foot perfectly and it is useful for perfect maneuver while running in smooth terrain such as sand. To get the detail and buy this workout shoe, you can visit the official website. You have to spend around $100 to bring this shoe home and wear it as your new workout shoe.

best workout shoes for women - Saucony Kineta Relay

best workout shoes for women – Saucony Kineta Relay

Best Workout Shoes for Women who Love Hiking

One more favorite outdoor workout is hiking. It is also important to wear the best workout shoe to prevent fatal injuries. Saucony Kineta Relay is considered as one of the best workout shoes for women especially for hiking lovers. The high quality foam used for the mattress of the foot makes this workout shoe comfortable to wear.

You don’t have to face sore problems especially if you want to take long track hiking route. The design is also designed precisely so you can just slip it and go. You just check their official website, Saucony.Com for more information about this workout shoe. The price is cheaper than Brooks Pure Connect 4 in which you just need to spend $70 to wear this shoe for your next hiking.

best workout shoes for women - Saucony Virrata 2

best workout shoes for women – Saucony Virrata 2

Best Workout Shoes for Women for Long Running

Do you tend to choose running as your outdoor or indoor workout? If it is so, you have to include Saucony Virrata 2 on your list of best workout shoes for women. What makes this running shoe worth it to wear is on its design and detail. It is a lightweight shoe to wear so it seems that you don’t wear shoe while running but you are fully protected. In specific, you are about to wear a 6.5 ounce shoe to support your running activity.

By wearing Saucony Virrata 2 you can run as far as you want comfortably and safely. The detail and the design of the shoe becomes the reason why some athletes choose it as their favorite foot wear. So, why don’t you do the same? If you want to check the variation of this shoe, you can just go to their official website. $90 shoe is worth it enough to protect your foot for your daily running schedule.

best workout shoes for women - Inov 8 F-Lite 235

best workout shoes for women – Inov 8 F-Lite 235

Best Workout Shoes for Women for Jumping and Heavy Lifting

It is the same case if you tend to do jumping or heavy lifting for your regular workout. Wearing the perfect shoe is one of important safety elements. You don’t need to worry about that because there is also specific shoe you can wear to jump or lift something.  The best workout shoes for women for jumping and heavy lifting is Inov 8 F-Lite 235. It offers a comfort and safe shoe due to the dense heel. It is designed with dense heel for a reason.

Because of such kind of design, you can be stable while jumping or heavy lifting and of course it prevents injuries. Actually, this type of shoe is good for various types of workouts including sprints, push up, and many more. It is sold at the official website and you have to spend a little bit more money around $130.

best workout shoes for women - Brooks Transcend

best workout shoes for women – Brooks Transcend

Best Workout Shoes for Women for Long Running

It is a little bit difficult to find the best workout shoes for women for long running. Brooks Transcend knows what you need as a runner. The secret is on its foam. For your information, Brooks Transcend is using 25% more foam. The foam is useful to keep your foot comfortable and safe while running. The positive impact is also on your knees because you don’t need to suffer from bad knees or pronator.

It is considered as the highest price so far in which you have to spend around $160 to wear Brooks Transcend. Just order from its official website, BrooksRunning.Com and get ready to start your long running without anything to worry about. You can also increase your running target now.

best workout shoes for women - New Balance Zante V3

best workout shoes for women – New Balance Zante V3

Best Workout Shoes for Women for Sprinter

As a sprinter, it is a must for you to take quick steps. This is because you have to achieve the fastest time. The answer of the best workout shoes for women especially sprinters is New Balance Zante workout shoe. The precise toe curve design. The weight of this shoe is also lightweight. You are about to sprint by wearing a 6.4 ounce shoe.

As the result, you will make effective steps and fast speed drills. The most interesting part is that you only need to spend $100 to buy this New Balance Zante sprint shoe. Don’t forget to check the official website, NewBalance.Com for the complete detail.

From the list of best workout shoes for women above, you can conclude that there are several high quality workout shoes for women. All of them are offering high quality materials along with precise design. They know what to do to make your workout maximal. The price of those best workout shoes for women is also reasonable enough. So, which one of best workout shoes for women above you want to wear?

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