A Quick One

This weekend was one of those where a million little things eat up the whole day, such as a homework project that involved making a movie for health class, of all things.  Why cant these kids write a paper?  I guess watching a movie is easier to grade, God forbid the teacher should take the time to correct a paper. So naturally getting the thing onto a DVD took up a couple of hours, and this had to be accomplished while John and I were canning veggies (end of summer gardening bounty) and he was getting ready for a business trip.  But I did squeeze in one small project. Over on Gorgeous Fabrics, Ann has a terrific faux Hermes scarf print panel, so I bought two of them and hemmed each as scarves.   The fabric is polyester and while I did make a pathetic attempt at a hand rolled hem truthfully a narrow machine rolled hem looks better because the poly yarns are bulkier than the equivalent would be in genuine silk.  I love the colors and motifs so Im not gonna feel downmarket that its synthetic and not real silk.  Most of these scarf tie ideas should look familiar.  If you would like me to do a tutorial  any of them just let me know, I can make that another blog post.  I may save the second scarf to give as a gift or use it as a bag lining.