Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes: Men Basketball Shoes Concept 2

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athletic propulsion labs basketball shoes

athletic propulsion labs basketball shoes

Men Basketball Shoes Concept 2

This Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes has the limited size on 8-17. The new Basketball Concept 2 has light weight which is only 15 ounces and has many innovative features. There are two-piece of carbon fiber which in shape with your foot. Those carbon fibers are using minimal closure and strong stitch to offer you so much comfort. Its silhouette is shiny with speed lacing system and collar to have engineered performance.

The Basketball Concept 2 has features in placing black flow vents and new outsole called herringbone. The design helps to maximize the footing and give maximal surface. The most innovative thing from the Concept 2 is the technology of Load ‘N Launch. This technology contains the unique and has 4 layers insole which can engineer for higher performance. It includes laces with two colors white and black. Of course, it will help you to enhance your game.

athletic propulsion labs shoes glow in the dark

athletic propulsion labs shoes glow in the dark

Technology of the Load ‘N Launch

The Concept 2 has unique construction. These shoes fit perfectly in the size and offers comfortable feeling of a shoe. It designs in performing the highest stage of match. The materials in upper side are combination of synthetics, microfiber and anti-microbial. Those materials comfort your foot and make the highest performance during the play. This Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes Concept 2 is designed for the professional players.

With collar padding which has high density on the outside design is maximized the comfort of your shoes. The outsole named herringbone provides the pattern which has high grip. It optimizes the grip, maximizes the surface and helps the player to get the full advantages of the technology Load ‘N Launch.

The technology Load ‘N Launch of the technology Load ‘N Launch has device which is fixed the cavity in the basketball shoe forefoot. It has design in providing to improve instantly in vertical leap. The technology of the device works in combination of high performance from the outsole, insole, midsole and sock liners materials.

It creates high performance and integrated experience which is different with other basketball shoe. To feel the full advantaged of patented Load ‘N Launch you can feel the aerodynamics. It will make you be better in all the competition.

athletic propulsion labs shoes for women review

athletic propulsion labs shoes for women review

Details of Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes

The outsole with herringbone has high traction pattern which design to give more optimized and maximized the surface area. The player also will get full advantaged of the technology of Load ‘N Launch. The carbon fiber has two-piece synthetic. The upper molds have the benefit to minimize the stitch and seam in providing super comfort and fit perfectly.

The flow vents in this Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes allow cooling the air to come in and flow out. Providing the lockdown wherever you need, the speed lacing system is available for you. The sock liner and shank plate and midsole are combined to comfort your cushioning maximize.

The trademark of this shoe is designed in increasing the vertical leap. They have high performance with 4 layers insole.  Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes with black laces are available together with the shoes.

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