Beach Themed Quilt Tutorial For a Gift

Beach Quilt Tutorial

Beach Quilt Tutorial

So my best friend is getting married this weekend and this is the wedding I am excited to be a bridesmaid in as well. I wanted to give her something extra for her wedding so I thought something handmade might make it a little extra special. She is getting married at Stradbroke Island so I thought I would make her a ‘beach themed quilt’.

I found a few strip quilts online and loved the design and style. They also looked like they wouldn’t be too time consuming since I have had very limited time lately to get all of these project completed. It ended up being perfect and only took about 1 week to fully complete.

King Single Quilt

Material used for this quilt.

3 x 1.6 meters of feature fabric (cut in 6.5 inch strips)
2 x 1.6 meters of blending fabric (cut into 4.5 inch strips)
2 x 1.6 meters of plain fabric (cut into 2.5 inch strips)
2.2 x 1.6 meters of quilt cotton backing
2.2 x 1.6 of cotton wadding

All of this fabric was purchased from East Coast Fabrics in Logan, which are really well priced.

$7.95 Quilt fabric (some only $5.95)
$10 meter for cotton backing
$10 meter for wadding

All up I think the total cost of the quilt material was about $80-$90, which is insane because you can’t even buy plain quilts for that cost at Pillow Talk hehe. PLUS!! The original material I cut up into strips had enough left over to make myself a quilt too, so all I had to do was go and buy extra wadding and cotton backing. Yahoo!! I even have some left over to make pillow cases!!

Here is the feature that I got my mum to embroider on the back with my friends name and date of the wedding. I probably should have sewn this on ‘after’ I did the hand sewn edges. It was cutting it pretty close but still looks nice enough. I figured it could be a corner feature hehe.

Hope you enjoy and have a new love for strip quilts like I do and how EASY and affordable they are!! (i-heart fabric)