The Best Makeup Is Confidence!

Best Make Up is Confidence

Best Make Up is Confidence

For the past few weeks, my makeup look has been consisting of one swipe of mascara and a little powder! Ask me last year if I would ever go out in public with no [or next to no] makeup on and I would probably have laughed in your face and said “HELL no!”. I no longer give a rat’s a** about what people think of me and it feels REALLY good! You should try it too if you haven’t already!

Not only has this change of attitude helped me do more of what I love, it’s also helped my self-confidence SO much! I no longer feel naked without a full face of makeup. In fact, I kind of feel prettier when I’m not wearing any makeup! Sure, mascara still gives me the feeling of being unstoppable (god knows why!), but I really don’t need all the makeup I used to wear on an everyday basis!

Plus, going makeup-free is so good to the skin! Think of it this way, when you put foundation on, all the chemicals and dirt and oil go into your pores, you usually wear that makeup for at least 6 hours, so it really settles in there, and at the end of the day, it causes more breakouts than those you were trying to cover up with that foundation in the first place! Is it just me, or does that sound like the BIGGEST money gimmick!?

So, I challenge YOU to go naked – MAKEUP WISE!! – for a day..or two..or the whole week while you’re at it! You’ll see that overtime, your skin, as well as your confidence, will feel so much better! Trust me! Even though I still get a few breakouts here and there, they’re not popping up on my face nearly as often as they used to just a few months ago!

Like the title says, CONFIDENCE is the best makeup! No one looks prettier than a confident woman! Ask any [mature] guy and they’ll totally agree! Okay so there are 2 girls in a shopping mall full of guys, one of them is wearing a sh*t load of makeup, her back is hunched because of looking down all the time and she cannot make eye contact for the life of her, the other has very minimal makeup on, looking fresh and clean, is standing tall, chin up, strutting her stuff, hair sweeping in the wind..who do you think the guys will be most attracted to?

Being pretty is not only skin deep, it starts in your brain! A quote I LIVE by is ”Be The Change You Want To See”!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know some girls wear makeup because it’s a creative outlet and it’s fun to them and they still don’t give a sh*t what people think, but this blog post is targeted to the girls who wear makeup to impress guys and feel better about themselves! I promise you that when you start appreciating your natural face, makeup will just seem like a silly disguise or mask and you’ll immediately feel better and stronger!

Okay, enough talking–err, typing! I hope this was helpful 🙂 (edgywonderland)