Brooching A Trend

Maltese cross - Three Benedikt NY brooches and one marked Florenza

Maltese cross – Three Benedikt NY brooches and one marked Florenza

Brooches are a big favorite of mine and over on Une Femme dun Certain Age there is a fun blog post about how to wear them. Brooches are having a revival at the moment, Nordstrom and other retailers are featuring them a lot this year. In the spirit of the season here is a photo essay of brooches in my collection that I love and wear often on coats, , dresses, jackets (including denim) and usually 2-3 at a time. Brooches work well with other accessories and Une Femme points out two of the following in combination produce maximum impact: earrings, necklace, bracelets, scarf, brooch. I’m one of those people who just loves a big showy maltese cross and I have a couple of them, three are vintage Benedikt NY pieces that were made in so many different colors that I have a Pinterest board devoted to just this one style of brooch. Once again the photos tell the rest of the story!


Clockwise from upper right: Benedikt NY fuax turquoise & pearl, Benedikit NY daisy brooch, Vintage Cameo (not costume actually), a faux pearl beetle and a sunburst (Monet, only 6-7 years old)

Animal Brooches

Clockwise From Upper Right: Mexican silver and enamel, sterling silver and enamel Celtic bird, Malachite & red enamel parrot, silver salmander with oxidized spots

Holiday Brooches

Benedikt NY Partridge in a Pear Tree enamel and a Disney pin I like to wear on the 4th of July