Chanel Spring 2010 RTW Spy Camera

Chanels iPhone/iTouch app always has some interesting tidbits, I think the company uses it to test ideas and just get content out in ways that wont require a press release and full phalanx marketing.

This KL sketching for a special collection connected a Chanel Boutique opening in Shanghai. He literally does this design in less than 30 seconds.

Naturally there is a host of celebrites who pose for gratuitous photos. The women pose alone and the guys pose with models who drape themselves onto the guys. This is Sean Ono Lennon. The Chanel model with the Beatle haircut and suit looks like an Asian John Lennon. Creepy. The app currently has a video of the Spring 2010RTW collection. They put a camera on a model to give us the models point of view of show. The Hoe Down setting had me scratching my head tyring to figure why KL chose this theme, but the cinema verite look of it is fun.

I’ve scrutinized this video and the collection on and Im pretty certain sure this is the model with the camera, its in the chignon on the top of her head. If you look at the entire collection she is 1/2 through the show. Id love to be able to share the whole video, maybe its on YouTube. Here are some stills I pulled off my iTouch