Cool Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern Ideas

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Retro Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern

Retro Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern

If you love to knit and you’re an avid tea drinker, our Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern will be the best thing you have ever come across. Nothing is better than having the perfect cup of tea, it does not only help you relax, but also warms you up. But here is the problem, by the time you finish your first cup, the tea in your teapot is already cold. Tea cozies aren’t exist for decorative purposes only, they exist to ensure you can enjoy your perfect brew in such leisurely fashion. Traditionally made of cloth, these cozies effectively insulate teapots and keep their contents warm for longer. Now that we have gotten your attention, why not be creative and give our Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern a try?

Tea cozy tutorial and pattern

Tea cozy tutorial and pattern

This Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern is an eye candy, that’s for sure. Other than insulating your teapot, it also makes a great decoration when used. Better yet? Our Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern is easy to make! The following is a list of things you’ll need and the direction to help you make a tea cozy that fits a 4-cup teapot. You’ll need a size 4.5mm knitting needles, and a large blunt-ended eye needle. For the gauge, make 19 stitches with 32 rows or 10 cm garter stitch. Then make 2 square, with each square obtained by 38 cast-on stitches.

  • Step 1:
    Start by making a slipknot. This can be done by looping the yarn like you would a pretzel and slipping the needle right under the loop’s lower strand. Next, try to reach through the loop that you have made and pull-up a loop of the yarn.
  • Step 2:
    Pull the end of the yarn that is attached to its yarn’s ball to properly tighten your slipknot. This leaves the other of your strand’s end measured at approximately 10 centimeter long and then transfer said needle to your left hand.
  • Step 3:
    Next, insert the needle on your right hand through that slipknot before you wind your yarn over the needle on your left. Pull that loop right through your slipknot.
  • Step 4:
    Place your new loop onto the needle on your left hand. At this point you have 2 stitches on your left-hand needle. Insert your right side needle into between the last of 2 stitches on your left-hand needle, and then wind the yarn over the knitting needle on your right.
  • Step 5:
    Pull the loop right through it, then place your new loop on your left needle beside your last stitch. By now you will have one more stitch on the needle in your right hand. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 until you have the sufficient amount of stitches casted on the needle in your left hand.
  • Step 6:Inset your right needle from the left to right through the front of your first stitch on left-hand needle, wind the yarn from left-to-right over the point of the needle on your right, draw the yarn through, slip to the original stitch and knit a row until garter-stitch pattern is formed.

Continue the Step 6 of this Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern until it measures 20.5 cm, then when you’re done, simply weave its ends.

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