Cool Tool: Perfect Alignment Laser (PAL)

A few weeks ago in an email Pam mentioned a new sewing gadget, a cross hair laser attached to a lamp and it looked like a great concept, although I wasn’t keen on the fact that it has to be mounted to a table. So Google to the rescue and I found the same company makes a smaller profile Perfect Alignment Laser, which was initially designed to make it easier to center and hoop embroidery designs. After playing around with it for a little bit it has many other sewing uses:


Small footprint makes it easy to place
The metal gooseneck swivels 360 degrees
Uses only 3AAA batteries (included)
The laser diode in the lamp tip also swivels 360 degrees for perfect placement
It makes bright, crisp lines that do not distort from square even if the lamp is not parallel to the surface
Comes with a USB power cable


It does not really have a “weighted base” in reality it weighs only 5.2 ounces and that weight comes from the tiny batteries. Notice in the photos I used steel washer pattern weights to hold it down when the neck was really extended or when I didnt want it to get knocked over.
The goose-neck is only 15 inches and could actually be longer because the laser lines project perfectly even from several feet. I think 24 inches would be ideal. To make a grain line really long for this photo I put a stool on my cutting table with the laser on top. Not high tech but it worked.
The base should be marked with the type of replacement laser because I never save boxes. For the record it takes a 640-660nm laser diode. I wrote that on the base with Sharpie.
All in all a pretty cool tool, available on Amazon and also from Designs In Machine Embroidery. I bought mine from Amazon for $45.99.