Costume Not Couture

Siobahn Costume Transparent long Sleeve

Sometimes it’s just about getting the job done and these days I’m in dance costume mode. This jacket and dress is for a solo (not one of my daughters) and the routine is jazzy and edgy. The challenge in coming up with a costume to was to avoid cliche, especially a peculiar erstaz-Fosse type of costume that I just see over and over and over at Nationals (lots of black, bowler hats, finger-less gloves – ho hum.) So this costume is meant to be fresh, urban and youthful. The jacket pattern is Kwik Sew 3764 and the dress is Jalie 2674. I’ve already turned over the dress to the dancer so you’re looking at some extra fabric pinned to my dress form.

The only change I made was leaving the straps off; she’ll wear a set of clear straps to make the dress look strapless. The jacket was an interesting challenge because it had to be as sheer as possible and several details were left off, such as the epaulets and the zippered pockets. The seams and edge finish are a three thread narrow over lock; and the heavy stress seams (e.g. armsyce, shoulder, side seams) were done on my industrial and the serger was used to clean finish the seams. The zipper was a challenge and there I just laid the zipper under the over locked edge. The jacket fabric is dark blue silk organza and the dress is a spangly sequin knit.