Gravity Feed Gymnastics

I love my gravity feed iron but I had to figure out a way to keep the cord and tubing out of the way when I use it. The problem is the tubing goes up to the water jug suspended from the ceiling and the cord goes down to the wall outlet. My Silver Star came from Zipperstop and it came with two plastic s-hooks. The first hook keeps the cord and tubing aligned and the second is rigged with string looped to the ceiling hook. Even if your iron didn’t come with these handy s-hooks just go to Loews or Home Depot and get three small s-hooks and some chain. The s-hooks should fit snuggly onto the cord and tubing. Attach one end of the chain to an s-hook and attach a second s-hook to the ceiling hook that suspends your water jug. The third s-hook is used to keep the tubing and cord parallel. The chain should be long enough to allow the iron to extend comfortably to the end of your board. The whole contraption will look this this; the small white object is s-hook #1 and s-hook #2 attaches to the string.