A Great Tool: Rivet-In

Right now I’m finishing up a vest from Simplicity 2556 for Abby and she wants nail-head embellishments on the leather collar. The most secure way to attach studs or nail-heads is with a bench setter, but they are way more expensive than what I need for an occasional project like this. Hot-Fix nail-heads are not really an option as they fall off after a few weeks when applied to leather. Over the years I’ve experimented with various hand held setters and each and every one of them has been a disappointment.

Still last week I thought Id check Ebay one more time and Lo! I found a listing by Susans Sweet Beads for the Rivet-In, an inexpensive, fast, easy to use and accurate way to set studs and nail-heads. The Rivet-In is a solid metal, 4 long, spring-loaded tool for setting metal studs onto fabric. It works best on denim and solid fabrics but can handle lace to thin leather. It also sets rhinestones with rimmed prong settings. There is a story behind this too: In the 60’s an aircraft parts manufacturer in Culver City, Calif. was commissioned to make this tool for a company, once it was approved they made about 2,000. The company bought 1 ,000 and then went out of business. Susan had been buying them 100 at a time from the manufacturer till he retired in 2002 and then she bought the remaining inventory. There are a just couple hundred left and if you think you’d find this useful get one because they they’re gone they are gone for good. Susan has a video in her Ebay store that she has allowed me to use on CoudreMode and it perfectly illustrates how to use this handy tool. No more hammers and clamping tools! YAY! Susan fulfills orders with lightening speed and a joy to deal with.