Jewel Tool: A Perfect Rhinestone Setter

A while ago I found the Rivet-In on Ebay and its one of the best rivet setters out there. The merchant was Sues Sweet Beads and she asked me to review the Jewel Tool a rhinestone setter that she also sells. This tool sets prong set rhinestones and its very similar to the Rivet-In, the main difference is that this sets rhinestones face down from the wrong side and the Rivet-In sets face up on right side of the fabric. Does it work? You bet! Sues video below illustrates the process perfectly. The Jewel Tool has a major advantage over a hot-fix wand because it will set rhinestones on things like velvet and leather. As you know hot-fix crystals will not adhere to napped fabrics and leather. Hot-fix is also not very durable, they eventually fall off in the wash and/or fall off when placed on any area of a garment that gets a lot of wear, such as the back pockets of jeans, or on garments that need to stretch such as dance costumes. I decided to test the Jewel Tool on a mock up of Ems costume and it worked perfectly. The fabric is a stretch velvet heavily embellished with glitter and hot-fix will absolutely not stick to this fabric, however the Jewel Tool set rhinestones with ease and trust me they will not come off. I have to say too this tool is much faster to use than a hot-fix wand.

Even if you have a hot-fix wand the Jewel Tool is worth owning as well, especially for napped fabrics, leather and any project where hot-fix wont hold up. Like the Rivet-In, Sue is the only source for this item as these were manufactured over 40 years ago and she has all of the the remaining inventory. When they’re gone they are gone for good!