Pattern Zero

McCalls 9685 Sewing Fashion Cover

My mother is here for the weekend, Abby and Ems 14th birthday was December 2. She brought with her 100+ patterns from her stash, her best friends stash and my grandmothers. The time span is the 30’s to the 80’s and this is in addition to the patterns she gave me in 2008. (two blog posts here and here) So today we’ve begun to catalog the collection in preparation of setting up an Etsy shop next year to sell them. There is some great stuff here in addition to the Big 4: Spadea, Advance, Marian Martin and LeRoy a British pattern company I’ve never seen till now. I really need to keep the good ones for myself sell them without regret.

Two have special meaning and I cant part with them; McCalls 9685 was my very first sewing project. The copyright is 1969; I was 11 years old and I liked it because of the little white frog at the neckline even then I loved embellishment! The pattern is pretty simple but I remember having a really hard time understanding how to attach the neckline facing because the V shaped opening totally confused me. The other pattern is my mothers very first sewing project; she was about 14 and made the red dress on the right. She has a poignant story about my imperious grandmother, who could be a very harsh teacher, almost not letting her make it because she thought it was too difficult. But then years later she admitted to my mother that she realized if she had said No my mother would never want to learn to sew because she would be so hurt by the rejection.

So she relented, Mom did a great job Im sure and now I sew because she learned with this dress. There are many memories in these patterns, more than a few of them I remember picking out for holiday dresses or school clothes. But the time has come to let them go so theater sewers can make their own memories. Below is a sneak peak of what I will be selling at CoudreMODE Vintage Patterns sometime after the New Year. There is a lot prep to do before I can open ip on Etsy, scanning the envelopes, spreadsheet the inventory, check for missing pattern pieces, buy pattern sleeves, etc..but if you see something you like leave a comment and Ill get in touch with you!