Raw Denim Jeans in a Nutshell

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raw denim jeans before and after first wash

raw denim jeans before and after first wash

Do you have raw denim jeans at home? Are you uncertain of how taking care of this type of jeans? Well, you are reading the right article. This article will talk about raw denim in more detail way including how to wash and dry it.

Raw denim or it is usually called as unwashed denim is a type of denim that hasn’t gone through washing and distressing process. This type of denim tends to more stiff and has dark blue color on it. This denim also has distinctive sparkling. The dark blue color or we usually calls it indigo, can also mottle. It can cause the raw denim fade away in certain part.

The characteristic of raw denim makes personalization’s process possible. This process will make the jeans suitable with anyone’s body shape when he wears it. The jeans will have the fade marks and creases that will follow the body shape of the person.

There are two types of raw denim which are unsanforized and sanforized. In sanforized type, the jeans will not shrink when they are washed, meanwhile in unsanforized type, the jeans can shrink around 6% – 10% when they are washed.

Story behind raw denim

Until the late 1970s, all of jeans are raw denim. A break in process made the denim’s texture more flexible especially when the jeans are worn all the time by the consumer. At that time even people wore jeans to swim or wore it in a bath tub full of water in order to make the jeans shrunk. The shrines would make the jeans fit to their body shape.

raw denim jeans levis

raw denim jeans levis

But with the technology that able to save cost and also the ability to outsource the manufacture of jeans to the country at a cheap cost of workers, these things change jeans manufacturing process drastically. Any consumer expectations are changing, and many consumers are interested in buying the denim wash, faded, break in, and distressed (that makes the jeans look already worn in years).

But, about 10 years ago, this trend started to change again and many fans started looking for denim jeans that are more qualified and in the break in process naturally. In addition, many users began to pursue the jeans’ display of vintage denim on their jeans wear.

How to use and take care of raw denim

In the first few months of using the jeans, it is recommended to not wash denim so that the creases and fade marks can develop maximally. When you finally wash your jeans, use cold water and detergents that are specifically for dark hues, then hanging and let your jeans dries with itself.

women's selvedge raw denim jeans levis

women’s selvedge raw denim jeans levis

Some people chose to speed up the process of jeans’ aging them in a starching manner for obtaining creases more prominent. Some also soaking of jeans they, and wear it while they are still wet until they are dry.

The best way to dry raw denim is using natural force. Sunlight! Wait while the sun is shining but not too blistering. Besides hanging the jeans, the other way of drying is by using tumble blow dryer. But remember if the dryer is too hot, it can shrink your raw denim jeans immediately.

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