Resistance Was Futile – Hot Patterns Boudoir of Bliss Collection

There was no way I could resist the new Hot Patterns Boudoir of Bliss collection. Trudy has definitely tapped into a pent up demand for lingerie patterns, which are woefully underrepresented in home sewing. I go to the lingerie section of the Big 4 every season only to see the same 5 patterns that have been in the catalog for at least a generation. Hot Patterns really hit a home run with this collection!

And really – lingerie is great project for a newish sewer. No way? Way. When my mother taught sewing she always had her students make PJ’s for their first garment project because it was a great way to learn how to attach a collar and set in a sleeve. And if the result if less than perfect – well you can still wear them! Lingerie is simple to make, there are minimal facings and you can embellish to your hearts content.

I just bought these three:

Oh Yeah Baby-Doll Nightgown, Robe and Panties

sewing pattern night gown dress

Both of my daughters will clamor for this; and next summer when we’re in Orlando for a competition the short version of the nightie will be perfect as a pool cover-up as well. Plus, if you have ever wondered what the hell to do with that ruffler gathering dust in your sewing room – here you go. Set the ruffler to a box pleat setting and have at it! I think the robe would be very pretty in a blouse weight fabric with the ruffle cut on the bias and raw edged.

Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas

HP 1097 Boudoir Of Bliss Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas

This pattern deeply channels my love of Old Hollywood Glamour, and I can see this in just about all of Ann’s Gorgeous Fabrics silks. This is exactly the type of thing I would pack when we visit family so I look fabulous when I come down to breakfast. Like Ann I’ll make the top long sleeve as a robe and wear the bottoms with a knit camisole for sleeping. I’ll also take this to Orlando so I can knock ‘em dead during trips to the ice machine while everyone else lets it all hang out in grotty t-shirts and gym shorts.

Pyjamarama PJ’s and Robe

Pyjamarama PJ’s and Robe hp 1094

I really love the funky 70‘s collar and the hip level pockets. As some of you know we have chickens, so this would be a great in a fun print like this one. For a more sophisticated look Ann has a wonderful cotton woven that I love. This one may end up being made both for me and my daughters; in New England a girl needs summer as well winter lingerie and this is a good cross seasonal style. Abby loves this colorful flannel and the bottoms in flannel back satin would be uber comfy and warm!