Sewing Pattern Inspiration – Copy Cat Pattern Styles

A good thing to have when you’re trying to sew your own wardrobe is to find outfit styles that you like and ones that you know will suit your body shape. I made myself a Pinterest board where I’m constantly pinning dresses or clothes that I love. It’s in hope that one day I may be able to sew some of them myself. Most of the time you can find pattern styles that suit the outfit perfectly! Then it’s just a matter of finding the right fabric.

Free Pattern Tutorials

When I’m looking for some cute/free patterns I usually use Craftsy. This way you can find patterns you like, which then link through to the owners sewing blog. Most of the time those blogs then have even more free patterns or ones you can buy, either way. My latest find is Shwin and Shwin who have the most adorable baby/kids clothing!

Another one of her patterns which I hope to test out over the next week or so is the Baby Sweatshirt. It’s just so adorable!

Shwin & Shwin - Charlie Sweatshirt

Shwin & Shwin – Charlie Sweatshirt

Secondly, although I have read this blog numerous times I’d like to point out See Kate Sew’s blog for those free baby patterns. Her blog is just gorgeous and so inspiring! Here are a few examples.

Baby Bloomers - See Kate Sew

Baby Bloomers – See Kate Sew

See Kate Sew - Linen Satchel

See Kate Sew – Linen Satchel

And finally, here is another great free pattern blog, which I have recently used for her Baby Romper pattern – Melly Sews. You can find a huge range of pattern tutorials here and most of them are great for beginners! (i heart fabric)

Melly Sews - Baby Romper Pattern

Melly Sews – Baby Romper Pattern