Simple Dog Sweater Sewing Pattern

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Dachshund Sweater Dog Simple Dog Sweater Sewing Pattern

Dachshund Sweater Dog Simple Dog Sweater Sewing Pattern

Looking for a dog sweater sewing pattern for your dog but you are not quite confident with your sewing pattern? Don’t worry because you have come to the right place! It does not matter whether you still consider yourself a beginner or you have zero experience in sewing, if you can bring yourself to knit a simple rectangle and neatly sew some pieces of fabric together, then you will be able to create something that will look good on your beloved furry companion.

Not only cute, this dog sweater is also a perfect gift for your dog for this cold windy days. Consisting of four garter-stitch rectangles that is sewn neatly together, this dog sweater sewing pattern is the best and easiest sewing pattern you will ever come across!

If you have zero experience but you would still like to embark on this project, you may want to learn how to garter stitch. Don’t be intimidated, though. It’s relatively simple to learn, before you even know it, you will be more than ready! Yes, this dog sweater sewing pattern is indeed made using garter stitch and cast on as well as cast off technique.

You may decorate it with intarsia or embroidery as this dog sweater sewing pattern is incredibly forgiving and customizable, but it still looks great as is! Decorating it or not, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is follow our simple steps!

Dog Christmast Sweater - Simple Dog Sweater Sewing Pattern

Dog Christmast Sweater – Simple Dog Sweater Sewing Pattern

How to measure your dog

When measuring, do it from one side of the beginning of your dog’s underbelly, then over its back to the beginning of its underbelly on the opposite side. That’s your first rectangle. As for the length, measure the distance between your dog’s neck to before its hind legs.

For the second rectangle, measure the inside of your dog’s underbelly from the inside of one of its legs, across its belly and to the inside of its other leg.

How to make the pattern

Once you have gotten the measurements, focus on knitting your first rectangle. This rectangle is relatively bigger than the other, for my dog, I needed to make a rectangle the size of 16” W x 10” L. How many stitches you have to knit largely depends on the size of your dog and the yarn you are using.

simple dog sweater sewing pattern red dog clothes coat winter

simple dog sweater sewing pattern red dog clothes coat winter

For my dog, I used a rather chunky wool yarn, with my dog’s first measurement and the yarn I was using, I had to cast on about 36 stitches and stitched it until it reached 10 inches in lengths. When you’re done, do the same thing with the second measurement.

Now that you’ve knitted both rectangles, place the smaller one at the bottom of your first panel, attach the one side with another together in order for it to form the bottom tube’s part. Place the sweater on your dog to get a better visual and measure the opening of each side at the edge of its neck.

Knit the last measurement into a rectangle used to stabilize your dog’s sweater. The last step on this dog sweater sewing pattern is the easiest part: simply attach and sew the rectangles into one, and voila!

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