Simple Steps of DIY Ripped Jeans

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DIY Ripped Jeans Dark Blue with Adidas Sneakers

DIY Ripped Jeans Dark Blue with Adidas Sneakers

Do you want to know how to DIY ripped jeans at home? Almost all people in this world whether men or women at least have a pair of jeans. Nowadays, ripped jeans become trending fashion item. There is no doubt that many people wear jeans because its comfort and simplicity. Jeans can be worn in casual and formal occasion. Even ripped jeans somehow are also suitable in formal event.

Instead of buying new ripped jeans and you happened to have a lot of pairs of jeans, it is better for you to take a pair of jeans and make them your new ripped jeans instantly. The steps are easy and in this article you will find out how to turn your pair of jeans into new ripped jeans. So you don’t have to buy expensive ripped jeans.

Things you need to prepare
1. scissors
2. knife
3. cutter
4. a square of wood board
5. steel wool

DIY Ripped Jeans Light Blue Women With Floral Patterns

DIY Ripped Jeans Light Blue Women With Floral Patterns

7 simple steps to DIY ripped jeans

1. First step is you have to certain which pair of jeans you want to change into ripped jeans. It doesn’t have to be your new jeans. You can use your old pair of jeans to give them ripped touch since old jeans can make it more natural.

2. Second step is to decide which ripped jeans style you like. Is it ripped style with fiber, smooth fiber, big ripped, much ripped or little ripped. You can read on the internet to choose other preferences or inspiration.

3. Third step is to choose the right material based on which ripped style that you decide. Different ripped style needs different material. For example, if you choose worn ripped, you need abrasive, pumice and iron sponge. But if you need bigger ripped, you need scissors and also a cutter. Don’t forget to put the small block board inside the jeans as your base, so the back part will not ripped as well.

DIY Really Ripped Jeans Women Light Blue

DIY Really Ripped Jeans Women Light Blue

4. Fourth step is to decide the area you want to rip. You can use a ruler and a pencil to give marks in area you want to rip. But remember, the mark is only the length of the ripped. You only need to remember the width and the detail.

5. Fifth step is to put the small block inside the jeans and use the material you’ve prepared (abrasive, pumice and iron sponge) to scrub the jeans until they are thin and the fibers spread out.

6. Sixth step is to loosen the fibers to make the ripped looks neatly. You can use the cutter to pull the fibers slowly in the area that you’ve scrubbed before. Pull the white thread that sticks near the ripped as well. It will make the ripped in your jeans looks detail and more natural.

7. Seventh step is to use scissors to make small hole and then rip your jeans with your hands to make it look more natural. It is because if you use scissors to rip them, then it will make the ripped jeans look to neat and unnatural.

So, these are the 7 steps of DIY ripped jeans. You can watch the tutorial video on in the internet for more detail instructions. Good luck!

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