Simplicty 1880 – Modern Vintage

Over the past few months I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by young sewers doing vintage looks, some are period-accurate (well except these gals seem to eschew period foundations haha) and others are into the whole Collette Patterns-gamine look. When I was in high school and college most of my wardrobe was vintage it was cheap, easy to find and there were great garments available by the truckload in the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in my hometown. Plus I come from Wilkes-Barre PA which in the 70’s was a gold mine for everything from vintage mohair sofas and parlor radios to cobalt glass cocktail sets and Fiestaware to fabulous pre-WWII suits, dresses, shoes and hats. These days though vintage clothes are hard to find, I suspect the available inventory has been acquired and sold already. However, there are still plenty of vintage patterns out there and I think the sewing revival among 20 & 30 -somethings is being fueled by a desire to wear vintage looks. So I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the days when I had the time to spend a weekend sorting through bins of old clothes at the Salvation Army for that one amazing find that I could proudly wear the next day. And now that dance costume season is done I can make something for myself for the first time in four months. Saturday I was in Jo-Anns and found Simplicity 1880, a really great shirtwaist drafted for drapey summer fabrics. View B has a 40’s shirtwaist feel to it and there are several details I like in View B (the yellow version):

  • The sleeves are smooth at the top of the sleeve cap with a tucks at the band
  • There is a set- in waist and the skirt has four panel flare
  • The back of the bodice has a yoke, so I can add a fashion fabric lining for the yoke to hides seams and will line the skirt with a nice rayon
  • Instead of a sash Ill make a fashion fabric belt with a buckle from M&J Trim in faux abalone pearly colors.

For fabric Ill use this retro print silk that Ann gave me; it has a feather motif and after I washed it a lot of color bled out and muted the intense tone-on-tone blues and greens into something more wearable. 1880 is a Project Runway pattern that includes a croquis and it was wicked fun to trace off the dress. The shoes are Chie Mihara t-straps a couple years old, its a Spanish shoe line that has the same modern retro look as John Fluevog shoes.