Some Fancy and Beautiful Pregnancy Sewing Patterns

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Maternity Dress for Special Occasions Pregnancy Sewing Pattern

Maternity Dress for Special Occasions Pregnancy Sewing Pattern

Pregnancy is one form of happiness for families who have just married. In pregnancy, the wife’s stomach will grow larger as time goes by. For that required a model of the right clothes and pregnancy sewing patterns to match the body shape of the wife. A suitable shirt model for a person who is pregnant is often called a maternity clothes model.

Generally pregnant clothes have a loose form on the abdomen but many models because it is tailored to various activities that are commonly done. For example, a wife who has a job then there is a pregnant clothes for working wife.

Currently maternity clothes have been made into many models so you can choose according to your needs. Some of the above models consist of Muslim pregnant clothes, party, trendy, and many more. Please choose the suitable pregnancy sewing patterns, model, size and material of your shirt.

Generally the period of pregnancy for 9 months and after that go into the stage of childbirth. The presence of the baby makes the family more perfect. For those of you who have just given birth, look at various models of baby clothes to get a suitable baby clothes for your baby.

Pregnancy Sewing Pattern Best Maternity Dress for Fall Season

Pregnancy Sewing Pattern Best Maternity Dress for Fall Season

1.     Best Choice of Sewing Pattern for Pregnancy Clothes

When you are pregnant, many things need to be prepared along with the many changes that occur, and one of them is your body changes as your stomach grows. With this change, many things to be adjusted, ranging from diet, lifestyle and that is not less important is your maternity clothes pattern.
Special tips are required in choosing this maternity clothes and pregnancy sewing patterns, so it can support your pregnancy but also can make your days stay comfortable. If you are a good tailor, you can make your own. Now, there are a lot of strappy trousers, kimono clothes, clothes without waist and cloak, it’s all not the type of maternity clothes, but ideal enough to wear when and after pregnancy. If you are planning to breastfeed yourself, look for clothes that are easy to open and wash. There are also many sewing patterns that can beautify your days in facing pregnancy such as vintage, flower, polka dots, strips, and so forth.

Here are some tips to choose the best clothes and sewing pattern:

Bread Pregnant

The body is enlarged, the size of the clothes must be appropriate. Now there are many models of attractive maternity clothes. During pregnancy your metabolism is higher than usual, you will feel hot and sweaty, therefore choose maternity clothes from natural ingredients. Choose a cool material like cotton is more comfortable to wear than synthetic materials, woven materials and loose clothing will also make you feel cool. In this case, the choosing of pregnancy sewing patterns is very significant because this clothes will be worn every day for moms to be. So, the suitable pattern can be flower or vintage combined with shabby colors. By choosing this patterns can make moms relax in doing every day activities.

Pregnant Pants

Special pants of pregnant women, perfect choice when the big stomach, because rubber hip is flexible, pouch belt to protect the womb, the material from the T-shirt does not make hot. For a variety of pants, low waist pieces below the waist are also suitable because it does not press the stomach. When the pants before pregnancy is enough, only the abdomen that can‘t be buttoned, use the hooks of both ends of the buttons of the pants (belly belt) that makes the stomach loose. The suitable pregnancy sewing pattern for pregnant pants can be plain with dark colors because this part is not the main part for pregnant women, so that’s why no need to give patterns for pregnant pants.

The selection of Bra

In late pregnancy you need a two-digit bra larger than the usual, otherwise the chest circumference will enlarge around 8 to 10 cm. Use the good in your body, do not buy without trying it first. Bra should help hold the breast without pressing the nipple, and the rope should be wide enough so it does not hurt your shoulders.
Elastic bra straps should not be worn because they are less able to withstand well. Breasts do not contain muscle tissue, so if slacked during pregnancy, will not be able to return as before. A good bra can also avoid strokes of ex-strain. Toward delivery, if your breasts grow and feel heavy, there’s no harm in wearing a bra during sleep.
There are also specially designed bras for nursing mothers that can be worn during pregnancy and after childbirth. The front can be opened for breastfeeding, while the back can be adjusted according to the circumference of your chest. Instead, when breastfeeding avoid bra that cannot be opened all the breasts, not just the nipple and surrounding tissue. Bra covered in front, can withstand the flow of milk. Buy at least 4 breastfeeding bra with openings in the cup (should be opened with one hand). In this special part, the choosing of pregnancy sewing pattern is not necessary since this part is not visible.


It should be comfortable, elastic and do not press the stomach. One-piece models may be selected, provided that the abdomen is not tight. Bikini is the ideal choice. If you do not want to expose your stomach, choose 2 pieces like a bikini but a long top cover the stomach. The best sewing pattern for swimsuit is colorful flower or because it can manipulate women’s stomach and give beautiful impression.

Pregnancy Sewing Pattern Dress Blue

Pregnancy Sewing Pattern Dress Blue

2.     Do and Don’t while Wearing Pregnancy Clothes

After checking tips in choosing the best clothes and pregnancy sewing patterns, it’s better for woman to pay attention on do and don’t while wearing pregnancy clothes. It should need a lot of attention to discuss because it’s very important to know.

Here are the following don’ts:

  • Don’t wear skinny clothes and pants
  • Don’t do sauna
  • Don’t wear high heels
  • Don’t wear belt

Here are the following dos:

  • Relaxation massage
  • Walking as main sport

Hopefully this article entitled some fancy and beautiful pregnancy sewing patterns can give useful knowledge and applicable information for the pregnant women. Hope all women can be inspired in choosing suitable clothes and sewing patterns, while they are pregnant. Thank you for any attention.

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