Take A Class Okay?

colorful fabric

colorful fabric

There is an interesting discussion over on Pattern Review around how thorough reviews should be vis a vis how they should (or should not) help less experienced sewers. I haven’t jumped in and the thread is winding down anyway, but one thing I detected from some posts is a sense of entitlement that really irked me. Personally, I don’t feel that an experienced sewer has any obligation to make a review into a sewing lesson. Writing a good review takes effort and no one who posts reviews is getting paid anything for doing it so how much information they provide is a personal decision.

I suspect what is happening here is there are thousands of sewers on PR who are largely self-taught and they view PR as a free educational resource for improving their skills. Which is fine, that’s largely what the internet has been about., however, experienced sewers like me, Ann, Gigi, Pam, Els, Mary Beth and Debbie probably tend to see PR less as a school and more as a stage to express our individual interest in specific areas of sewing. I just bristle at the notion that I owe anyone guidance just because they want to learn sewing; that sounds Darwinian I know, but PR also has good quality and inexpensive on-line sewing classes for all levels. When I see people complaining on the message board that reviews don’t tell them enough I just want to say “Take an on-line class for cryin’ out loud!” PR has classes from top experts (Susan Khalje, Kenneth King, Shannon Gifford, Sarah Veblen etc etc) and in-person instruction from any of these folks is far far more expensive than what they have on PR. Trust me, I’ve taken their in-person classes and I now this is a fact!

Okay rant over now I need to go clean my sewing room

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