The Lost Accessory


Georgenes post made me think of them, because I adore that cute little trilby on the right. When I was younger, I loved nothing more than playing with my grandmothers collection of hats on a rainy afternoon, and every time I see a vintage pattern I long for the chance to wear one.

What happened to our relationship with hats?

My theory as to why woman no longer wear them boils down to this: we no longer wear hairstyles that accommodate a hat, that is, a style smooth at the back of the head with curls around the face. Bangs do not work with hats (ask me how I know this.) These days our hairstyle is our head ornament and I think our increasingly casual lives jsut dont give us that many opportunities to wear them, and so we dont know how to wear them anymore. These days when I see a woman in a hat she is just SO selfconscious and aware of whats on her head. It reminds of me seeing my Episcopal dad in a Yarmulke at my cousins Bar Mitzvah.

So where can we wear hats these days? Well

Church. Our African-American sisters in particular really know how to rock this and I salute them for keeping the flame burning, but for the most part hats at church are a thing of the past where I live.

The Kentucky Derby. Not an event Im likely to attend in the near future.

Weddings. Well, many of them are evening events now, and hats are kind of a daytime thing if you ask me.

Meeting Queen Elizabeth or the Pope. Same as the Kentucky Derby.

Not a long list. Plus, a hat is meant to seen, and since most of us drive everywhere, where would we wear hats on a daily basis? The mall? Costco? I cant envision it.


Great hats do exist.. like here.and hereand here. First Lady of France Carla Bruni needs to work on her hat wardrobe a bit; its hard to believe she looks more matronly than the Queen, who is twice her age and still wore a better hat. Carla should be channeling Jackie Kennedy.

Maybe when my daughters get married Ill have a chance to wear one. Hopefully they will have day weddings.