Threads Body Double – Part 5, Fine Tuning The Fit



Ann and I got together yesterday to finish up padding her body double. One good thing about a project like this that you learn a lot and we came up with some new ideas that I used on my form when I got home. In the original post I was not really satisfied with the shape of my body double bust point, notice in the photo of me it’s too rounded and doesn’t really replicate my real life bust. The fusible batting is great for large body areas that need to be built up in layers but it’s not really good for filling out small areas. And we had the same challenge on Ann’s double so we hit on the idea of making a tiny “shoulder pad” of wool boucle to fill in her bust point. Basically it’s just a tacked-together layer of concentric shapes just like a hand-made shoulder pad and then we steamed it over a ham and clapped it into a round shape. Then it was catch stitched in place and – viola – the bust point was filled in!

Here you can see how I did mine and I added underneath the bouclé pad a piece of sheepskin to fill out the point completely. I think any number of materials could be used for this type of fine tuning, Ann and I mulled over several:

¼ inch foam built up to the shape needed
Make up sponges, which come in wedges as well a rounds
100% wool boucle, wool Melton, wool felt or a combination of these. Wool can be steamed into shape so stick with a 100% fiber, a blend can’t really be steamed into shape.
And just to repeat what Ann said in her blog posts: get at least 2 yards of silk organza because the batting has resin on both sides and your iron will gum up the organza after 4-5 steams. Another thing I added to the cover was a line of hand stitching next to the pink center line to tightly hold the cover onto the batting for good separation at the bust.

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