Threads Dress Form Double Part 2

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Last weekend Ann and I got together again and worked on our body doubles. Ann has photos of her wearing her final muslin on her blog. My Muslin #2 still needs some tweaks (pretty easy to see in the photos) but I wont need to do a 3rd muslin, Ill able to transfer the tweaks and go straight to the chambray were using for the final version. Ann ripped apart her muslin and used it as her pattern pieces but I chose to transfer changes back to paper patterns because it was easier for me to keep track of the many irritating asymmetrical adjustments I’ve had to make for my scoliosis. One thing we’ve discussed was the how tightly the un-padded body double shells fit our dress forms.

We both have a Roxy size 10, Anns is a full body form with legs and mine is the dress form shape with a cage, however, the bust-waist-hip measurements are standard on each. We discovered that our skin tight body double shells fit pretty closely to the dress-form shoulders and back (not so much elsewhere, *sigh*). This has an impact for sewers who are thinking of buying their first dress-form for this project . We noticed the dress form in Kenneths article is padded out quite a bit more than ours will be in the upper back and shoulders. We suspect he used a dress form about 2 sizes smaller than his human model.

So if you haven’t made a buying decision yet about a dress form take into consideration going down a size if you plan to embark on making a body double. Because of the tight fit I already have on my form I may forgo some of minor tweaks Ann made to muslin #2 because I don’t think I can make it any smaller at this point and realistically get it onto my size 10 from.

Another interesting dilemma is that my shoulders are extremely narrow, so narrow actually that I have to collapse the shoulders on the dress-form to get the form to match my natural shoulder width (*sigh* again). I’m not sure how Ill deal with this when the time comes to make the inner cover that fits over the dress-form. I don’t really want to leave the shoulders permanently collapsed. Maybe I can make the inner cover partially in a knit so I can collapse the shoulders. Will need to ponder this.

Kenneths articles also recommends June Tailor fusible batting, make sure you dont mistake this for fusible fleece, which is a completely different product. Jo-Anns has June Tailor fusible batting pre-packaged so I picked up two twin bed size packs, one for each of us. I had to ask for it but they do sell it., its in with the quilt batting. Kennths article doesnt indicate how much batting to use so well report on that as well when we get to the padding stage.

The next stage is cutting and sewing up my body double in chambray and then Ann and I will get back together for pad out each dress-form. Vacations and holidays are coming up though so this project may be on hiatus for a stretch.