Walk From Land to Sea with Phibian Shoes for Kids

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stride rite made 2 play phibian toddler

stride rite made 2 play phibian toddler

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Kids

Choosing the right shoes for your kids is important for the comfort; you’d better to have phibian shoes. To get the proper shoes, make sure your kids’ width, length and depth. Having the wrong size will cause the problems in toes, toenails, even calluses and hammer toes. Kids’ feet grow quickly. They will need new shoes every three or four months. Under 16 months age kids’ feet grow over a half foot size in two months.

The different ages of the kids has different size of the feet growing.  The seventy percent of kids wear D and E shoe size. Boys usually wear E size and girls wear D size. Make sure to check the shoe depth in making sure the shoe top will not press the toes or nails. Rounded toe shoes are more comfortable to move freely. You should remember that the choice of the shoes is on their comfort.

Stride Rite Made2Play Phibian Shoes

Stride Rite Made2Play Phibian Shoes

Walk with Stride Rite Phibian through Land and Sea

The Stride Rite has an innovation called the phibian shoes. These shoes are waterproof, protective and breathable shoes which are suitable with summer time. The children can use to play at home, run on the beach, or play around at the playground. For all of activities, kids will need only one pair of shoes.

In summer time, kids like to be outside the house, and they need shoes which can follow their activities actively. There here comes, Stride Rite, popular brand with well known of its high quality. It was established since 1919. The productions are made specifically for baby, toddler and kid.

The shoes, mostly, has features of rounded edges and has flexible soles which can ease the kids to open up. The materials are so durable. For sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, and boots, Stride Rite is the leading. The concept of phibian shoes is for children to have fun in land and sea.

The comfy outsoles are so lightweight which is so comfortable just like sneakers. It is breathable and quick dry just like sandal. Thephibian shoes are the best choice for active kids. The shoes have no sogginess or causing smell. For kids, it eases them to take on and off.

For parents, they will like that these shoes is slip resistant and easy to be washed. The design is various as well. The colors provided in grey, purple, pink, navy and Spider-Man. Phibian shoes are available in size 4 to 8. The price is around $36 until $40.

how to wash phibian shoes

how to wash phibian shoes

Besides the Stride Rite, its company also has other brands like Hush Puppies, Crocs, Keds, Kamik, Nina, Merrell and many more. Most of kids’ favorite characters like Barbie, Marvel, Star Wars, Frozen and many more are available. Parents don’t need to worry that Stride Rite gives the guarantee for the customers’ satisfaction.

Details of Phibian Shoes

The phibian shoes are lightweight and durable. They are also water resistant. When it washes, it will dry quickly. Moreover, for active kids, it is stretches resistant. The phibian shoes have elastic uppers which is fit perfectly to kids’ feet.

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