Whats Wrong With This Picture?

Today was a a beautiful fall day in Boston! Clear, crisp weather, blue skies, the temps were in the high 60’s by far this is my favorite time of year because I can wear my favorite clothes. Today it was time to break out one of my favorite wool skirts and team it up with a nice turtleneck, kicky boots, a denim jacket, nice leather gloves and I’m all set for work.

As I got off the train at South Station I noticed that most people appeared to agree with me today, because everyone seemed to be wearing their new fall clothes, and for once I was surrounded by good fashion. Life was good. I strode confidently through South Station, marched downstairs to the subway, and nothing could darken my mood not even the condescending look a woman gave me as I stood next to her on the platform.

Whatever biotch, those ratty paisley cords are not exactly happening either I said to myself, so pleased was I in my fashion superiority. And then I glanced down at my feet and saw this.

fashion superiority Shoes

Fortunately I had an extra pair of brown shoes at work. I really need to get John to install those lights in my closets!